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21 Jun 2017

Top 7 Cameras Of 2016 by Aapt Dubey

2016 has been a great year for the camera industry, as there are so many innovative cameras out there that have completely revamped the camera industry. Since there are so many cameras out there, it is difficult to keep track of the current market trends. However, after carefully analyzing a whole host of cameras, we have compiled a list of the top seven cameras of 2016. 1. Nikon D3300 This ... Read More

top 7 camers
18 Jun 2017

Top 4 Security Cameras To Protect Your Home by Aapt Dubey

With a steady rise in crime rates all around the world, it is crucial that we equip our homes with all the tools necessary to safeguard our homes and loved ones. Those days are long gone when a simple bolt or generic camera could ensure your safety, as like everything else in this world even our criminals have evolved and adapted according to the current technology trends. This is exactly why e ... Read More

security camera
14 Jun 2017

Top 5 Drones You Should Know About by Aapt Dubey

These days, almost every other household owns a drone. The main reason behind this craze for drone is the exhilarating feeling of flying a device that can record videos, take pictures and annoy people from a distance. People not only use drones for the thrill of controlling such a powerful device but also due to the fact that it has given photographers powers they could only imagine in the past ... Read More

9 Jun 2017

The updates in Apple’s watch and the launch of the Home Pod by Aapt Dubey

Apple introduced a lot of new technologies and innovations in their WWDC for 2017, held a couple of days ago. While the updates related to the MacOS, the iMac and the IOS have caught attention straightaway; other astounding revelations regarding Apple’s watch and the Home Pod haven’t yet garnered the user’s attention. Both, the upgrades on the Apple watch, and the launch of the H ... Read More

apple watch and home pod
9 Jun 2017

The all new iMac and iMac Pro by Aapt Dubey

Apple has moved a step further and launched two astounding desktops in one go at their latest WWDC held a couple of days ago. The launch of the new iMac and a beast in the form of the iMac Pro have already garnered positive reviews all across the international platform. It was not expected that Apple would be updating the iMac in this year’s WWDC, so when the announcement was made, it create ... Read More

imac and imac pro
9 Jun 2017

Apple announces the anticipated IOS 11 by Aapt Dubey

Apples quest for perfection within its Operating System for both Iphones and Ipads is a never ending one. Every once in a while the tech giants keep updating the Operating System to accommodate all user needs and technological advances. Just recently, in the annual WWDC for 2017, Apple launched the much awaited IOS 11 for both Iphones and Ipads. The new update in the IOS brings forth a plethora ... Read More

ios 11
9 Jun 2017

Apple announces new Mac OS “High Sierra” by Aapt Dubey

Ever since its inception, Apple has been on the lookout for various innovations to keep the technology it offers in line with the tide of the times. The Apple WWDC held on 5th June was another attempt in this regard to bring forth a plethora of new and better innovations for the general public. The various innovations that were launched in front of the media present, by Senior Vice President of so ... Read More

mac os high sierra
8 Jun 2017

The Town of Light - A Short Review by Aapt Dubey

The Town of Light - A Short Review about the Recently Released Psychological Horror Game Games and horror might seem like an oxymoron but believe it or not, there are many psychological horror games out there in town that can send a shiver down your spine. It is advised that people with a timid heart should never try to play or even experience them. There is a small segment of the population th ... Read More

the town of light
5 Jun 2017

Snapchat to Access User's Offline Data by Aapt Dubey

Capitalism at Its Finest – Snapchat to Access User's Offline Data to Bombard Them with Targeted Ad's You must have probably heard about Snapchat. It is a mobile app that is used for image messaging, video chatting and instant messaging. This application was created by three former Stanford University students as their class project. Snapchat’s mobile phone app was initially ... Read More

3 Jun 2017

List of PlayStation Titles Released on PS Plus by Aapt Dubey

For those who don’t know, PS Plus is a subscription service that enables gamers to access some features from your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Free games, the ability to play online games with multiple players, and discount on popular games titles are some of the features that can be accessed using PS Plus. Every month PlayStation release some game titles for gamers to ... Read More