Facebook launches its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature globally

3 July, 2017 | By Ruchika Sharma
3-Facebook find Wi Fi

Facebook is rolling out its new feature ‘Find wi-fi’ to help people find wi-fi anywhere. In today's digital world, the internet is a necessity, and if one has limited data plan, free wi-fi is very precious. Facebook will now help its users locate the nearest hotspots with its new feature inside its mobile application.

The feature was launched last year and was being tested in a limited manner on Apple devices. Now Facebook has pushed this feature globally for testing and will assist users after a download of the updated version of Facebook. The feature will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Whenever the data allowance is low, this feature will direct users to the nearest positions with free wi-fi access, thus offering immense relief to the users.

How to enable the 'Free wi-fi' function:

  • To enable the function, open the Facebook mobile application. Then, go to ‘More’ tab and select ‘Find Wi-Fi’ tab.
  • Make sure that location access has been provided to the Facebook application. If not, go to your phone settings and turn on the location access for a Facebook app.
  • Once you tap on ‘Find Wi-Fi'’ tab, the application will show all free Wi-Fi spots in your vicinity. The user can choose to visit the page of the spot or get directions. The Facebook app will redirect to the navigation app of your phone, Google Maps or Maps on iOS. 

Facebook outlook:

Facebook elaborates that this app is highly useful in the situations when the user is traveling and cellular data is limited or scarce.  In upcoming markets, this app can be a very powerful tool when users have limited data plans.

Businesses have to opt for this function to let Facebook know that Wi-Fi is available at the spot and enlist the same in the app.

In cities, it is not hard to find restaurants and places which offer free Wi-Fi, but this app becomes handy and useful in remote areas.

Updates of Facebook's 'Free Wi-fi' for iOS and Android are available now to download, so users have a reason to rejoice! However, it is importnat to remember that the public wi-fi is not so secure.

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