IoT startups to get $100 M venture funding from Trend Micro

3 July, 2017 | By Ruchika Sharma
Trend Micro

One of the global leaders in security, Trend Micro from Japan has announced a $ 100 million global venture funding for startups evolving in the technology market, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT). The security firm has bloomed into the startup investment field focusing on IoT to collate the insights about the opportunities in the disruptive markets of IoT field. This analysis will help Trend Micro to decide the milestones ahead.

About Trend Micro:

Trend Micro is a security firm offering security services for cloud computing security and computers and mobile phones. The firm is a Japanese multinational company and is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company was founded in Los Angeles, California in the US in 1989 by Eva Chen, Steve Chang, and Jenny Chang. The company has marked its presence in more than 50 countries today and is considered to be a trusted name globally in the IT security domain.

Now, the firm is trying to get insights from startup world to further innovate and find its roadmap.

Venture funding - Trend Micro’s perspective:

The company has been consistently profitable for 72 quarters now. It is, therefore, in a good position to invest in RnD and make better strategies to stay best in the market.

Considering the pace at which IoT technology is advancing, it is becoming difficult for the firm to match up to the enhanced security requirements. It is believed that IoT devices will increase the chances of data theft and fraud and the situation will be alarming in next two years, if not secured. The results were made based on the survey done in the organization. 

The firm has cleared the air, stating that the association with the startups will aid the firm to understand and analyze the data generated and use the information to venture into new disruptive markets, understand the loopholes in the current market and skill set mismatch in desired roles.

These insights will also help Trend Micro to apply and get better results across the company for various solutions. This will also provide the organization with a leeway to investigate and find the opportunity in various possible novice areas of technology.

It is expected that Trend Micro will be making 15-20 investments in various locations in a year. There are many deals on hold and shall be disclosed by the end of this year. This funding might increase with time. However, it is currently capped at $ 100 million.

What’s in it for startups?

Portfolio startups can leverage from the experience, products, and networks of Trend Micro in addition to the capital that will be provided to them. The firm’s networks spans over 28,000 partners companies, told Trend Micro.

The IT security space has seen a spate of investments of late. Trend Micro’s venture fund will provide yet another fillip to the sector, which is still at relatively nascent stage and is yet to come to full bloom with the emergence of various new technologies.

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