11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
google shopping assistant

There is a good news for all the fashion conscious and online shopping addicts. Google is now here to assist you in buying exactly what you are looking for. We can say that this is google's way to crawl onto all the data that is only produced on social media which it does not have access to and can't pull up as result to any search made on it.

Here is how it plans to do that. Google is sourcing content from rewardStyle’s LIKEtoKN It is a platform which helps people buy clothes from the pictures they like on Instagram. It also lets fashion bloggers make money off their posts. For instance, if I click like on a picture on Instagram then this service emails me the links to buy all the pieces from that photo.

So how will shop the look work? You want to buy an evening gown and look up google for it. Google will now pull up relevant images . When you click on what you like it will pull out a gallery with each item and their links to buy.

To back this up Google is also integrating this application with its shopping campaign ad products, which means that retailers can intentionally appear in these results.

This is a win-win situation for both Google and fashion influencers. Google will get hands on data and traffic and these influencers will have their content seen by a lot more people which in turn will take off their sales to another level.

The partnership with rewardStyle is still in its early stages, so the two companies haven’t finalized a revenue sharing agreement yet, although it is definitely going to be on revenue sharing basis in between Google, reward style and actual influencers who upload the content.


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