11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
fashion meets technology

Geek chic? Fashion nerd? Who doesn't want to be both! The new line of established fashion brands making smart watches is the in thing right now. But does one size fits all? Certainly not. In this league many superbrands are already establishing their feet, the latest being our very own Michael Kors.

The brand emphasises on “The launch is geared towards the fashion-focused consumer and features a smart timepiece that focuses on glamorous style and innovative design from a leader in luxury fashion”. This watch is actually big. It is acceptable for a smartwatch to be big , but this one stands out- in your face types. The face and weight of this watch just can’t be ignored.

The good thing is that this watch has been launched in two sizes, both huge though these watches aim at targeting the female audiences as well with a smaller version.

No doubt that the design of this line of watches is nothing short of beautiful, Michael Kors is expert in that, but it is also wearable. It uses its aesthetic design calibre to make smart watches that actually look like watches and not something else. Dylan and Bradshaw are the two models, Dylan being bigger in dimensions than Bradshaw.

Following are some highlight features of the watch:

1.4GB of storage and a battery that will last the better part of the day.

2.The 1.5-inch display is a middling 320 x 290, and it’s sliced along the bottom to make room for the light sensor that helps it adjust based on the levels of light in the room

3.some built-in fitness tracking on board, as well, synced up with Google Fit.

4.heart rate monitoring

5. The water resistance is 1 ATM, which is pretty low level for dealing with sweat and the like.

6. adopt inductive charging from its smartwatch brethren

7. starting price of $350,

If you are actually looking for a luxury brand smart watch, we suggest to buy a luxury watch launched by a smart watch company, like Fossil,than buy a luxury watch brand’s smartwatch!


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