Firefox 48 reduces lags and crashes by Multi-Process Feature

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
firefox 48

The all new Firefox 48 brings forth the Multi-Process feature for its users. It introduced the feature to combat the lags and crashes issues of previous versions. Mozilla recently released Firefox 48 for the desktop and the Android users. There also are some additions to the Android app. These new features make the new Firefox worth a shot.

Multi-Process feature isolates the web content and UI processes of the browser. This ensures less button and menu lock ups.

Mozilla plans to embed the feature in Firefox 48 with a slow pace. It now avails the feature for just a percent of users on a testing basis. If all goes well, the company plans to project the feature to half of the users of Firefox.

Mozilla unleashed its plans in a blog post. It said that the plan is to present a Multi-Process (electrolysis or e10) Firefox for the users. We would start with a percent of users and will cover half of them soon. E10 provides an enhanced browsing experience separating the web content from UI processes. So if a web page takes a lot of RAM power of your system, the tabs, buttons, and menus won't lock up anymore.

Mozilla in its blog post also explained how to check the presence of the feature in your browser. Users need to type 'about:support' into the URL bar. If your Firefox is e10 enabled, '1/1 enabled by default' displays under Multi-Process Windows line.

The browser now also brings some other changes. The Address bar can now give you more suggestions based on popular keywords. The reading is now a lot easier through a wider suggestion views. An icon next to the search suggestions can hint you if the search relates to a current bookmark.

The browsing in the discovery panel is also simplified in the new Firefox. It now possesses changed fonts and image designs. Installation of add-ons is a lot easier. It also brings to you some security enhancements along with download protection.

The Firefox app for Android users also has significant changes. The Synced Tabs in the new version shifts to the History panel. The new app merges the Bookmarks and the Reading lists. It’s now possible to pause a playing video to take up a call in the new app variation.

Mozilla also released an updated version for iOS users. The iOS app now has striking changes. The app has an option of customized search engine. It allows the users to add website search engines like Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. Hence users can have direct searches to these websites from the address bar. It also comes with a redesigned toolbar. Also, Mozilla decreased the RAM and CPU consumption of the browser.

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