Apple reports diversity progress in its Human Resources

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey

Apple Inc. recently claimed to have bettered the diversity of its workforce. The US-based company declared that it has better gender and ethnic diversity in its staff than other big firms. It even claims to be ahead of the other Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook Inc. in hiring minorities.

Unlike Google and Facebook, Apple has a batch of retail employees. Apple comprises of 12 to 17 percent of Blacks and Hispanics in general positions and 5 to 10 percent in leaderships.

Apple also informed the closure of pay gaps within the firm. It says that analysed the salaries bonuses and annual stock grants of its employees well. Based on the analysis it has tried to fill up the valleys in the payments. For the first time, Apple opened up its annual stock grant programs for the retailers.

Reverend Jesse Jackson criticised Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2014. He said that the company lacked diversity and had unfair compensations. Now he admires the firm's efforts to diversify and be fare. Apple now fastens with some black colleges and Universities and also scholarship programmes. Jackson finds this commendable.

Jackson states, "They are setting the pace, making measurable progress for three consecutive years. They've acted with intention, not just aspiration."

A couple of months back, Apple's US workforce had 56% white,19% Asian and 12% Hispanics in their employee base. It saw an increase of 2 and 1 percent respectively for Whites and Hispanics and a drop of a percent for Asians.

Alphabet Inc Google unit changed a little to its last year's stats. They have overall 2 and 3 percent Blacks and Hispanics respectively. The tech employees comprise 1 to 3 percent respectively of these. Facebook Inc has respectively 2 and 4 percent Blacks and Hispanics in total staff and 1 to 3 percent of tech employees.

Amazon Inc has one of the largest worker bases at its distribution centres. The reports claimed that Amazon's ethnic diversity exceeded the US average. Amazon's global workforce included 21percent black, 13 percent Hispanic, 11 percent Asians. It has 5 percent of other ethnicities.

At management positions, the diversity of Amazon falls. At these posts, Amazon hired 4 percent of Blacks and Hispanics and 3 percent of others. It has a whopping 20 percent count of Asians.

Apple employs about 32 percent women, 1 percent up than June last year. Now, 23 percent women hold the technical positions in the firm. The percentage of women at management positions is at 28 percent and stay intact as it was in June 2015.

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