Goqii flaunts its New Band with reduced Subscription charges

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
goqii flaunts

The Indian fitness wearables brand, Goqii brings forth its new fitness band. The subscription fee now stands slashed at just Rs 1999 for 3 months, 2999 for 6 months and annual fee would be 3999.

The new band has a sleek design and a larger OLED display. It now has a USB port making it chargeable even by plugging in a laptop. It also houses a larger battery durable for 2 weeks in a single charge. Automated sleep tracking is another addition which prompts calls, SMSes, Emails, WhatsApp notifications.

Goqii was a fitness coaching platform when launched in 2014. It also indulged in bringing smartest fitness wearables to the market later. Goqii never presents these wearables for sale. It provides these wearables free of cost with its subscriptions.

Now the Goqii customers can pay via NFC. Currently, only Axis Bank serves this feature regulated by RBI. So as of now, you must be an Axis Bank account holder to have this option. RBI allows upper transaction limit of Rs 2000 in a go and 5 transactions a day. Thus a person can make max transactions of Rs 1000o per day.

This option requires NFC-enabled POS (point of sale) terminals. Axis Bank declares that there are 105,000 such terminals across the nation. The customers also earn reward points for their activities said the brand CEO Vishal Gondal. These bonus points are usable as currency to buy real world commodities.

An event held by the brand in Mumbai emphasized on the Goqii app. It announced some changes related to its app and the band. The brand recently announced to partner with Thyrocare and Max Healthcare Hospitals. Now the app offers the users to access the doctors via Goqii app. Health Risk Assessment and Health Locker features can let you set your Health goals. The app doctors can also refer users to specialists.

Mr. Gondal explained the new changes in the event. He said, “Technology is transforming health care with practical outcomes for the industry. Today we’re announcing the integration of doctors and diagnostics on our platform. We now offer preventive healthcare solutions to our users. This revolutionary combination of coaches, diagnostics, and medical practitioners will provide users an entire spectrum of real-time lifestyle and health services on a single platform.”

The new version will avail on August 5. Existing users can upgrade to the new version. The new version can identify user habits and suggest the needfuls. The CEO says the company will launch a variant of the band with heart rate sensor this year.

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