LG puts forward an Android 7.0 Nougat Smartphone: LG v20

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
lg android 7.0 nougat

LG declared that it's going to launch the successor to its first string. LG claims that the new smartphone will operate on Android 7.0 Nougat OS. It makes LG the first brand to bring a Nougat phone to the market.

Earlier the buzzing news predicted the launch date of LG V20 in September. Proving the rumours to be precise the company announced the official launch date. LG will organise an event on September 6 in San Francisco to do the honours.

The published invitation shows a 'Play More' as the tagline to represent the multi-tasking facility of the phone. The device can also own modular functionalities like LG G5.

After the disappointments from the last device LG G5, the company targets to rejuvenate its smartphone market. The flagship had a dingy verdict in the market and the company suffered a loss of $132 million in a single quarter. The company now expects to have a stunning third quarter with its successor to LG V10.

LG V10 hit the market October the last year. The popular features were the secondary always active display and dual front cam. The phone housed two separate lenses to click standard 80-degree selfies, and even wide angle selfies up to 120 degrees.

Google's Android 7.0 Nougat is currently the talk of the town.

It has aroused curiosity with some new features viz multi-window support, enhanced notifications, revamped doze, number blocking, and a redesigned Cam app. The UI will have more grid options, and the manual exposure mode is also restored. Google made public the final preview of the Nougat last month and will soon release to the market.

As the company claims that the V20 is the first Nougat phone, this could be the boon for LG's fate. Nothing much is out on the phone, and the phone is just promoted as the first Nougat device. The device is a big and important bet for the future of LG.

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