Dropbox launches Public Beta for Android and iOS

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
dropbox launches

Dropbox recently came up with the public beta version of its collaborative note-taking tool, Paper. Also, the company gifted new mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

Less than a year ago Dropbox Paper introduced its private beta which already has over a million docs to its name. Now the company wants to upgrade its tool according to user assessment. The launch has come up with some significant refinements. The paper now has enhanced tables and image galleries, notifications for any platform and a quick search for docs.

The company published an informative blog on its website. The company says it developed the tool to help users create shareable collaborative documents for their teams. With new mobile apps, users get a portable app to get updates on a project. Users can even make edits and retaliate to the feedbacks.

Dropbox paper is a tool for internal communication within the team. It provides embedded images, videos and other media for the purpose. If connected it with the Google Calendar it can create and share custom notes with the members before the meeting.

The paper has its neck to neck with Box Notes, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Evernote, Slack and now Quip as well.

Android app users can use the tool worldwide. For iOS users, it's currently available in the US only. The company promises in its blog that the app will be accessible to European Union members pretty soon.

Dropbox cared for its enterprise business. But now it intends to nourish its cloud-based storage business for its admin dashboard. It has also added some new folder controls for docs sharing, organisation and security.

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