HTC enters VR battle with Viveport – a VR app store

11 January, 2017 | By Aapt Dubey
htc enters vr battle

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC has already put forward its trooper for the VR war. HTC Vive it is. Viveport, a storefront to retrieve all the VR content for the patrons of Vive is ready to roll. Users can access organised contents and also HTC intends to give away a developer beta soon. It also promises an update to the Vive Home- a virtual space of Vive for interactive widgets and much more.

HTC is not keeping this store an exclusive one. Vive users can have access to both Steam and Viveport. Steam, the partner of HTC on Vive, despite being most acknowledged and diversified store, lacks its fans at some parts of the world. Viveport is ready to make up to this snag.

Viveport being a non-exclusive store will be available on all platforms. You can access it through browsers, Computers, and even mobile apps. HTC wants to reach users of different devices and platforms as much as possible. But some of its content would not work apt with Oculus Rift as room-scale tracking of devices operates in various ways. Even Oculus's games aren't accessible on Vive. Thus despite HTC's will to embrace the world, it currently faces some rivalry.

HTC tends to have a global stretch. So if your country has a market for HTC-Vive, you can access this store. The company is carrying on research on how we can use Viveport for education and not just for entertainment. For instance, an app called Lifeline can take back the students along with the teacher into the past. This VR can help students learn some recent happenings with practical experience. They can even study dinosaurs live.

The Vice President of Viveport at HTC, Rikard Steiber says -“We believe equal access to VR experiences will make the world a better place. Viveport will play a significant role in giving access to virtual reality experiences. We will enhance our daily lives and the way we connect with friends and family. The Vive team and our customers cannot wait to see what new experiences will be shared by our partners in the developer community”.

The CEO of HTC, Cher Wang says- "Our mission is to unleash human imagination from the limitations of reality. Viveport will be an important cornerstone in democratising access to the world's most diverse selection of immersive experiences".

So the Viveport is a seasoned product having a mission to take human imagination to the next level of Virtual Reality. It aims to serve VR experiences in varied fields viz. education, design, 360˚, art, social, video, music, sports, health, fashion, travel, news, shopping, creativity tools, and even more. HTC sure has intentions to change the world for better.

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