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13 February, 2018

Science has advanced to such a level that now we can easily get information on any topic whatsoever right in front of us through internet but what has empowered the world of internet is none other than a smart WiFi system. This powerful way of networking uses the radio waves to offer wireless high speed internet and multiple network connections too. Every day we hear about new WiFi systems, but if you believe in buying nothing but the best, then eero Home WiFi Systems are meant just for you!

Considered as the world’s first WiFi system for the whole home, capable of delivering super fast and ultimate secure WiFi connectivity all across your home, eero exemplifies innovation in the truest sense. Designed especially for those who need a smart internet connection in larger spaces like homes, this device is simply irresistible.

This amazingly convenient WiFi system is definitely one of the most reliable systems that one can trust for internet sharing in the cheapest and fastest way from anywhere inside the home. Check out what is so special about this gadget and why is it actually worth buying?

A Simple yet Innovative Gadget: Irrespective of whether you are an expert dealing with the latest gadgets or a novice trying to figure out proper functioning of basic gadgets, eero wireless WiFi is a pretty simple yet innovative device to handle with utmost ease. In fact, it has been designed with a quick and effortless setup that one can start using instantly without any hassles.

All it may take is about 10 minutes to start a WiFi connection using this home system. Just plug and play is the basic technique to use eero home WiFi. The eero App will then easily take you through the exact functioning of the system, instructing you what to do next to enjoy connectivity in different areas of your home.

Advanced Mesh Technology: Incorporating the Advanced Mesh Technology, this device has been rightly tagged as the Best Reviewed WiFi. Yes, what makes this an ultimate product is its smart eero TrueMesh software that has been built to make it work in perfect coherence with eero hardware.

It took a lot of time to develop this technology by collecting data from a number of houses. It is solely due to the TrueMesh that this gadget can make WiFi connections even across walls of a home without any errors, which is not the case as found in other similar systems in the market.

Dynamic Rerouting: On the other hand, one gets to enjoy a dynamic rerouting through eero Wireless WiFi also because of the superb TrueMesh technology that is well aware of the signal strength between all the eero beacons installed in your home to give you the best path for an internet connection.

The most interesting thing is that even if any of your beacons get accidentally removed from the wall, even then the TrueMesh technology reroutes the traffic dynamically to establish a perfect balance at all times for you as an internet user. So, no matter what, you will never face the issue of internet congestion using the smart eero Home WiFi Systems.

Advanced WiFi Security: Another thing that makes these WiFi systems truly worth buying is the fact that they offer advanced WiFi security at all times. Using the Transport Layer Security or TLS and the safe WPA2 encryption, this device tends to provide a safe connection between different devices and eeros and even between the clouds.

This is not all, users can easily get a secure setup through a single use code to get proper administrative access to the network. To add to it, some reliable third party security firms conduct regular audits all across the eero infrastructure, so that you as an end user get a safe connection through this smart device.

In order to ensure network privacy, each and every component used in this best reviewed WiFi eero makes use of a supreme encryption and security protocols, so that your data on the network is same and doesn’t get hacked. Apart from this, in cooperation with a global research community, this gadget is constantly under a bug bounty program that first detects and then ultimately fixes those security issues before you as a user could even experience them.

Easy Setup & Installation: As mentioned earlier, setting up this home WiFi device is pretty simple and the eero app will instruct you step by step to proceed further to install it in the right way. To begin with, you need to download the eero app for your Android or iOS device. Next you will need to fill in certain details about your home to make eero understand a bit about your home layout.

The third step would be to create an eero account by entering details like your phone number and email ID, so that a verification code can be sent to you to ensure your system is handled safely by you and not a hacker. Once you enter the received code, your account will be generated and you can easily set up your eero Home WiFi Systems through the eero app and even create your entire eero network.

Gets Better with Time: Another thing that makes this device the best reviewed WiFi eero is the fact that it gets better with time. Yes, you have to use it to believe it that right after installation, you will see the intelligent eero software updating itself automatically once a month. Perhaps, this is the fact that makes eero the only company to provide a system that offers the latest innovations because it gets updated automatically on a regular interval.

This regular automatic software updation is a way to ensure a bug free smooth WiFi experience for the user. Moreover, during this update, the device tends to fix issues that come its way to improve the overall connection with the latest features and an enhanced speed, take for instance the latest Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Fits Any Home: While buying this home WiFi, you also need not worry for its compatibility with your home, as it has been designed to fit any home, of any size! No matter, whether yours is a single room home or a large bungalow, whether you have an Ethernet installed in just one room of your home or in multiple rooms, eero wireless WiFi comes powered to automatically mesh over Ethernet.

Offering the best coverage, this smart gadget can easily mend according to your home’s existing Ethernet wiring of any configuration. At the end you will get one of the fastest networks in seconds from any corner of your home.

Convenient to Control: Rest assured to enjoy a convenient control of your eero wireless WiFi right in your palms, as it is one of the most convenient to control devices in the market.  You as a user can actually see what’s happening, as all your network stats will be displayed right in front of you. You can also check the actual device usage and even diagnose and fix issues, whatsoever with utmost ease.

Checking the internet speed and taking a break in between is also very simple on this advanced gadget. Besides, you can choose to even share your WiFi with others at home like guests and friends and yet can control it all with ease.

Compatible with All Internet Providers: Nevertheless, you being a user of this best reviewed WiFi eero will yourself see how it is unique by the way it offers amazing compatibility with all the internet providers. No matter, big or small, you can connect to your existing internet provider using eero systems.

Moreover, the network on this gadget seems to expand itself as per need, so that you enjoy streaming, playing and working on the net from every hook and corner of your home. The company offers an easy way to get in touch with all the internet service providers to enrich the WiFi experience for their existing users.

Compatible with Thread & Amazon Echo: Get set for a technologically sound future right inside your home with eero Home WiFi Systems that also offers smart compatibility with latest devices like Amazon Echoand Thread. If you already have an Amazon Echo speaker, you can enjoy using Alexa voice commands to access other smart devices like your smartphone or even choose to shut off your lights before going to bed.

On the other hand, this home WiFi is compatible with Thread to connect different devices at home to ensure less battery usage of low powered gadgets. Be it your thermostats, doorbells, smart locks or fans, everything can be connected via Thread to save the battery power via eero devices at placed at different points in your home.

eero Pro: For an ultimate home WiFi experience, go get the eero Pro WiFi system. This system actually comprises of not one but three eeros together and is considered apt for a large home of 3 to 5 rooms. Offering a powerful tri-band mesh, an eero pro system features built-in Ethernet ports and a super intelligent hardware. All it costs is about $499 and a minimum of $30 per month.

eero pro systems are capable of running on iOS 8.01 and a more advanced system. Each eero in this pro system measures 12.1 x 12.1 x 3.1cm in dimensions, which makes it quite easy to install anywhere in home for a superb connectivity.  Moreover, any device running on Android 4.3 or an advanced version can be easily connected using eero pro systems.

eero 2nd Generation Home WiFi System: The latest to join the bandwagon of best reviewed WiFi eero is the eero 2nd Generation Home WiFi System. Launched in 2017. This particular system is a revolutionary wireless system that offers an easy setup and easy to connect network for a wider coverage. Designed with a major focus on improving on the company’s first generation device, this 2nd generation home WiFi system incorporates 700MHz Quad Core CPU along with a 512MB RAM.

This all new eero system features the same form but is actually twice as powerful as its predecessor. It can easily connect upto three wireless radio bands together offering an ultimate WiFi access point to all the connected devices. Moreover, the fact that it incorporates two Ethernet ports makes this 2nd gen system just perfect for great internet connectivity anywhere inside the home, no matter how big it it.

The eero beacon in this particular system features a smart dual band radio that comes paired with a 2x2 antenna lineup. Moreover, this one is a wall mounted unit featuring a beautiful 10 lumen LED nightlight for a great illumination. This smart kit can be bought individually or in an option with 1, 2 or 3 beacons as per requirement.

eero Beacon: Feel free to get more with your eero home WiFi systems by adding beacons as per your choice. The company offers you a smart choice to expand your existing wireless system by adding a beacon or two with it. Just plugging eero beacons in any outlet inside your home can easily expand the WiFi coverage with a pre-existing eero system.

Being almost half the size of an eero system, an eero beacon offers an uninterrupted access point that too with 30% more performance. The intelligent LED nightlight, on the other hand, offers brightness that can be easily adjusted according to the time of the day.

However, since these beacons don’t come with Ethernet port themselves, they need to be connected with an eero 1st or 2nd generation WiFi system. One needs to pay approximately $149 or a minimum of $14 per month to add an eero beacon with your eero wireless WiFi system.

eero Plus WiFi Service: Leave all your worries for a safe wireless network with eero Plus WiFi Service. Happily offering a premium protection for your wireless network, eero Plus is actually a subscription service meant to expand the built-in protection of your eero device to keep all your personal data safe and secure. Whether your device is been used by a guest or a kid at home, you can rest assured for safety at all times with eero Plus service. Following are some of the key features of eero Plus:

1.       Designed for Cyber Security: With a premium subscription of eero Plus, one gets to avail a superb cyber security through firewall, automatic software updates, WPA2-only encryption, encrypted connections, anti malware, anti phishing, anti-virus, anti ransomware, password manager, Ad block, VIP support, VPN app, block suspicious devices, one time passwords and end to end third party security tests.

2.       Best Network Protection: Considered to be the best network protection service, eero Plus helps expanding eero’s protection to keep your personal data safe. It also helps keeping all your connected devices safe and secure. In short, with eero Plus, the subscriber can actually get an advanced control right at the network level on all the devices without installing any additional hardware.

3.       Advanced Digital Security: On board with this service is an advanced digital security that helps securing as well as protecting the internet traffic flowing from your network via an advanced encryption. Even in case a harmful website is visited, this service protects you by partnering itself with Zscaler Cloud Security to keep your system secure against any kind of threats.

4.       Multi Layers of Security: On the other hand, eero Plus offers multiple layers of security that include hardware protection, eero-to-eero protection, network protection and browsing protection. Basically, the idea here is to block all physical access to your eero’s operating system without any threat and these multi layers of security exactly helps getting it without errors.

5.       A Kid Safe Network: Get the freedom to create a kids-safe network with the help of eero Plus that allows you to control what all your kids are accessing on the net through your eero home WiFi systems. Moreover, it offers convenient content filtering so as to prevent your kids from accessing illegal, violent and adult material online. Then, there is also an option to use SafeSearch to straight away block all sort of adult and violent content from search engines like Bing and Google, so that your kids can’t access them.

6.       Prompt Ad Blocking: Another advantage of subscribing to eero Plus is its prompt ad blocking capability across your entire network with utmost ease. It helps block all those annoying ads and pop-ups when you are browsing something very important. This is not all, it helps improve the overall loading times even for heavy ad sites.  Moreover, the ad blocking is efficient not only one device but all the connected devices, be it a smart TV, tablet, smartphone or a laptop.

7.       Privacy Intact: Keep all your private information safe and secure with eero Plus. This service keeps your privacy intact by encrypting all your routing and traffic via remote servers. It actually creates a private connection with the internet to keep all your personal data safe and secure especially when you are using a public WiFi network.

8.       Strong Password Manager: On top of it, avail a strong password manager through eero Plus. Use 1 password and you get to achieve complete peace of mind for the rest of your life using home WiFi system. It helps create and store strong passwords for all your important accounts without you to actually remember it always to access it. Apart from this, one can create a personal vault of logins for personal use through 1Password manager through eero Plus subscription.

9.       Perfect Antivirus: Getting a system infected by a virus or malware hardly takes a second on the internet. So, in such a scenario, one needs a perfect antivirus for a clean and virus free system. This is what eero Plus helps you to achieve through its efficient Malwarebytes that actually scans and clean upto 3 infected devices instantly.

10.   Costing: All you need to spend is $9.99 per month or $99 per year for the subscription of eero Plus service. Apart from this, for any doubts and queries, you can smartly use the 30 day free trial of this service through eero app right away. 1Password and Malwarebytes services are available at $60 per year, while VPN is available in $149 per year for a smart browsing protection across all devices connected via eero wireless WiFi systems.

Technical Specifications: To those who are interested to learn about the exact technical specifications of eero WiFi home systems here is complete information about the same:

1.       Dimensions: Talking about the exact dimensions of the product, the main and original eero system measures 121 x 121 x 32mm, while each eero beacon measures 121mm x 74mm x 30mm in dimensions.

2.       Processor, Storage & Memory: eero systems incorporate a decent 700MHz Quad Core Processor along with a 512MB RAM and smart 4GB Flash Storage for a good performance both during the day and night.

3.       Security & Network Services: This smart home WiFi device offers the best of security and network services including Static IP, UPnP, VPN Passthrough, Family Profiles, WPA2 encryption, NAT, Port Forwarding and DHCP.

4.       Nightlight: Although, the eero system in itself doesn’t support any nightlight feature the beacon in the latest model comes with 10 Lumen LED nightlight offering an automated dimming feature for smart energy saving.

5.       Warranty & Support: eero Home WiFi systems come with a 1 year limited warranty on parts. Moreover, customer support can be easily grabbed from

What is the Cost?

The cost for buying a complete eero WiFi Home System comprising of a pack of 3 beacons is priced at $349.99 on the official site of the company. Although, the latest 2nd generation system is an improved version, the price of this home WiFi system is still too expensive for many interested users around the world.

Where to Buy?

Best reviewed WiFi eero systems can be easily bought from a variety of online portals and stores like Amazon, Microsoft, Enjoy, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Crutchfield, B&H, Newegg, Dell, Abt and Micro Center Computers & Electronics. On the other hand, these systems support internet services from providers like Grande Communications, RCN, Blue Ridge and Cincinnati Bell.

What are the Client Reviews?

Now, coming back to what clients that have already laid their hands on this smart eero Wireless WiFi system have to say about this innovative product. Talking about the client review rating, the product has grabbed a decent 7.5 out of 8 review rating mainly for its easy setup, superb features, high performance and best support.

The best thing worth mentioning about these systems is that it helps creating a large WiFi network via an internet access. Featuring a well designed hardware and easy to control setup and functions, this home WiFi system is definitely a serious rival to other popular wireless WiFi systems like Google WiFi.

The only thing that has not been appreciated by a majority of users is its price tag, which is too expensive even for the superior mesh network it offers. Some users have even complaint for its speed which is not fast for bandwidth heavy local sites.

To make it short, the bottom line of our review is that eero WiFi home systems are undoubtedly a reliable way of internet sharing especially at home in a very cheap and fast way. Up to 5 rooms in a home can easily be connected via WiFi through this marvellous creation, so it is a must to try out for daily internet users.

Final Conclusion: Aptly considered as one of the most elegant looking home WiFi systems, an eero Home WiFi system is a must to try device for a superior internet connectivity leaving behind the mess of handling wires. The pretty white colored device can match all home decors and can easily fit in any plug with its quick setup option.

Yes, we do believe that cost is certainly a drawback in this system that needs to be slashed a bit down to make it affordable for many interested users around the world. Nevertheless, the seamless internet connectivity it offers makes it one of the most intelligent WiFi systems designed for big or small homes. Not just internet connectivity but a safe and secure connection is what you get using this device and its additional beacons as per your requirement.

Create an ad free and kid’s safe network free of unwanted adult and violent content using SafeWatch feature of eero system. If this is less, then simply choose to buy this system for its multi layers of security that ensure your devices are not hacked by hackers and you stay safe browsing endless hours through this system.

So, go get your own eero system for an uninterrupted wireless internet connection in each and every corner of your home leaving behind the problem of buffering once and for all!

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