Windows Sets - A New Tabbed Feature From Microsoft Corporation

11 December, 2017

Microsoft Corporation, the Redmond WA based technology firm has just announced a new feature called “Sets” for its Windows platform. This announcement comes at a time wherein Microsoft is running at a high. Microsoft had just a few weeks earlier released its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is being viewed as a positive for the company.

Gone are the days of the old Microsoft, wherein the company would just try and make money by just releasing new versions of its Windows operating system and then no update till the next version. The new Microsoft of today has ditched these neanderthalic ways and has started pushing out small updates in a timely manner to make the product better and have a better user experience.

This new feature Microsoft Windows “Sets” that the Windows team has just released is in line with the current mantra at Microsoft. The feature is a tabbed application interface aimed at putting a web browser literally everywhere. This significant retooling is primarily aimed at changing how the user interacts with the web browsers and other Windows 10 applications. Utilizing Sets, the user will be able to access the browser tab directly through the application rather than say use Edge with multiple useless tabs open. For example, if a user is writing a document in MS Word and needs to research the internet from time to time, he will be able to open the Edge tab directly in the application instead of venturing out of the MS Word application and into a new browser window.

This does help in reducing a click or two for the user in the short term but grows in importance and usefulness by integrating the documents and web research into single files that the user can pull up from any device so he/she can jump back into their document and everything else they were working upon. It does put an interesting twist on projects at least for the users who aren't exactly organizational superstars. The feature is slated to be an option i.e. users who do not want their app toolbars to look even more complex and just not opt in for this.

Timeline another feature announced by Microsoft for Windows this year at Build will further strengthen the Sets feature by letting the users go past activities and apps inside the Task View in a more chronological manner. The Timeline feature is to be released at the next Windows Insider Build to the fast ring. Terry Myerson, EVP Microsoft Windows and Devices Group states that it would be a while till everyone in the world using Microsoft Windows gets access to Sets, as the company for now plans to introduce it as a controlled study in WIP so as to accurately assess its merits and demerits. The aim is to compare the usage and satisfaction of task switching in Windows for people who have Sets versus people who don’t.

The company plans on rolling out the feature to the WIP in a few weeks with the final release slated to take a couple of months more.

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