Google Home Starts Support For It's New Multitasking Feature

8 December, 2017

Google Home, a brand of smart speakers released by Google late in the year 2016 has just been updated by the tech giant to keep itself in step with the competition. The device is Google's own take on Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. The team behind the product has just rolled out a new multitasking feature for its Google Home enabled devices. What this new feature gets to the table is the ability to take on and accomplish two completely different tasks at the same time. This new update was rolled out without making a big hue and cry situation about it. This is in stark contrast to the other announcements being made the peer companies as well as Google itself. The first to note and confirm the update was the American news website CNET. Google has since confirmed the update being made available to its Google Home customers all over the world.


Google has from the start been playing catch up to Amazon's Alexa smart home speaker. Amazon had nearly a two year head start over Google in this new and emerging sector. Google finally had released the first version of the Google Home smart speaker at its I/O event in 2016. It has since launched a mini version of the Google Home called the Google Home Mini, a direct competition to Amazon's Echo Dot. The past year has seen Google aggressively expand the reach of its home assistant across the globe to try and eventually eat into Amazon's near eighty percent market stronghold. Such a mammoth market share in the tech sector has been often unheard of. Google now is in plans to launch its newest smart home assistant called the Google Home Max.


As stated earlier, that it is extremely peculiar for a company of the stature of Google to roll out such milestone like updates without making a public announcement beforehand. The new multitasking feature is an extremely essential and nifty feature to have. The Google Home smart assistant has since its initial launch always been kind of a single minded device. Since this year's recently concluded Google I/O which also featured the next iteration of the Pixel line of smart phones, the Google Home team has been shouting through a loudspeaker about its intent to bring out the latest in a new line of features called Routines. For our newest readers, Routines is a feature being touted to be a program that essentially creates pre-determined scenes that tie a bunch of actions to a command. Such a feature has been present on both the Amazon Alexa as well as Apple's Siri since quite some time.


The latest feature is a bit different though. One won't have to sit and upload all of it via an app, instead one can just directly ask it to perform two separate tasks on hand simultaneously. This feature just allows for two separate tasks and has no accommodation for task number three and four that would be flying too close to the sun. The customer will also have to dictate the two tasks in separate sentences, as the device is not capable to process different tasks in a single sentence. Even though it’s limited, the silently released feature is arguably handier than the forthcoming Routines as it can be accomplished on the fly.

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