Another take on the iPhone 8

27 August, 2017

The iPhone - 8, that's all that one and all linked to the ever changing smartphone world talk about these days. The Apple fanboys even more so, and why wouldn't they! Afterall, Apple has promised them a truly never seen and thought possible smartphone.

Many a designer around the world has been creating concept designs based on all the speculations and leaks. Just got added to that long list is world renowned designer John Calkins. He has published his view of what the iPhone 8’s user interface (UI) on Behance.

The world was recently made aware about the iPhone 8's virtual home button and that got updated with news that says that the home button might be re-sizeable with a circular function area around it. Images released do confirm this news of the home button, which is shown to be quite large in size.

There is to be a new feature called the HomeBar. It doesn't stop there though. There are also to be apps that open right above the HomeBar, which is present on the home screen. The HomeBar is however touted to disappear automatically when the user feels like playing games or watching videos.

The customisations in colour and shade that the iPhone 8 promises to offer us does however not filter down to every feature that it will sport. The HomeBar is one such feature which is to not get this customisation functionality. The reason that points us in this direction is the presence of a new navigation strip at the bottom of the iPhone 8.

The HomeBar getting all this attention hasn't let out what key functions it's to play in the phone's operations. The leaks just state “With the new HomeBar, you can launch notifications, swipe through widgets and shortcuts and then go back home”. Simple ain't it?, keeping in line with Apple's overall moto of making it easier for the user to use.

The other features that the iPhone 8 is shown to have is that of the “Always On Screen”. Smarter notifications (the most recent ones at least) are to be henceforth grouped by the app and loading from the bottom. The website does however state the name of the device as the iPhone Pro and not as iPhone 8.

All these features and designs are just in the concept stage until the real deal is revealed to the world, so no years to be shed if any of these mentioned features are not how they are being speculated to be in the actual device.

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