Disney drops Netflix

10 August, 2017

Disney, the company, started by Walt Disney and popularized by Mickey Mouse all over the world has just made public its plan to stop streaming its content on Netflix's streaming platform. So come 2019, and we won't be able to access any of our beloved Disney shows and movies on Netflix anymore.

Do not get disheartened though, Disney is still going to keep streaming its content online, but through a different distribution platform. Last year Disney had shelled out a billion dollars to buy 33% stake in a subsidiary streaming platform of the MLB (major league baseball) called BAMTech. They have gone ahead and struck another deal worth 1.58 billion USD to acquire another 42% in it this year. As a result of this new takeover, Netflix is being cut loose.

This transaction is yet to get the regulator's approval for the due diligence. Therefore none of the money will be moved to MLB till they get the same. Speculation is rife as to whether the deal would be multiple installment payouts or a single one-time payment.

Disney is also launching a new separate ESPN branded streaming service to host streams from MLB(major league baseball), MLS(major league soccer), NHL(national hockey league) and other college sports networks. This platform will be launched on an updated version of the ESPN app starting next year.

Quoting Disney CEO Bob Iger, “This new acquisition and launch of the new direct to customers service sets a new path for the company to grow in by leveraging the new opportunities that advancements in technology have made available to us.”

So come 2019, and the sequel to Frozen, Toy Story 4, the new Lion King and every other Disney and Pixar release will be made available exclusively via this new streaming service. Disney has not released what it aims to do with the releases coming out of its Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm studios.

Disney has also announced that they will be making substantial investments into the creation of a slew of original movies, short films and other Disney branded exclusives for its platform. Disney has not given details as to how much these new services are going to cost the consumer.

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