Microsoft to acquire Israeli cloud management firm Cloudyn

3 July, 2017

Technology giant Microsoft has announced its plans to acquire the Israel cloud management firm, Cloudyn to help customers organize their cloud usage and optimize it.

Microsoft said that they have signed a conclusive agreement to obtain Cloudyn, which helps businesses to manage and optimize the investment of service providers in Cloud services.

Director of Programme Management at Microsoft Azure Security and Operations Management, Jeremy Winter stated during the announcement, "This acquisition fits squarely into our commitment to empowering customers with the tools they need to govern their cloud adoption and realize the strategic benefits of a global, trusted intelligent cloud."

Microsoft has not disclosed the amount of the deal yet. The closure of the matter was subjected to regulatory approval.

A study was conducted to understand the factors that are most valued by the workforce, across 14 country markets. The study, "Microsoft Asia Workplace 2020", surveyed 4,175 respondents from Asian markets which included India. The study was carried out for two months, February and March 2017. The study suggested that the most valuable factor for India’s human resources is flexible work timings and system. The flexi-work system aids them to work and balance their personal lives. The factor was rated highest amongst others reasons for joining or having a long term association in a firm. The study claimed the flexi-work styles as the most preferred factor for employees to consider any organization."  

Last year, in August Wipro engineering department had acquired Isreal based aerospace corporation, H. R. Givon. Wipro Enterprises' infrastructure did not disclose the price of the deal. Just two days after the deal, another competitor, Infosys Ltd, had invested $ 4 million in the Israeli business, Cloudyn. Infosys had bought a minority stake in the Israeli firm.  

About Cloudyn:

Cloudynan Isreal based firm headquartered in MA in the USA, is a cloud management firm which provides business customers the tools and technology to understand, evaluate, and scrutinize their cloud consumption and to optimize and streamline the same. The company enables clients to be accountable and predict the future investments in Cloud management. C.


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