Watch out for Google Pixel 2!

26 June, 2017

After impressing everyone with Google Pixel 1, the company is all set to bring forth and expand its Pixel line with its new editions. This time the treat will be double with two devices launching as Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Also referred to as Walleye and Taimen devices, these new extensions to the already popular pixel line of phones will be a dream come true for many Android enthusiasts. The larger among these is the Taimen or Google Pixel 2 XL; while Walleye or Google Pixel 2 is a smaller version which is quite similar to the previously launched Pixel phone. Both these highly anticipated phones from the Google Pixel line will surprise you with their innovative and advanced features.

Display & Look: As per rumors, Google Pixel 2 or Walleye will sport a comparatively smaller screen of 4.97 inches. On the other hand, Google Pixel 2 XL or Taimen is going to be much larger, with a whooping 5.99 inch display. The former Google device will have a 1080p Full HD resolution, while the latter is believed to sport a sharp 1440p OLED LG Display. With these two new devices, Google aims to bring back the trend of glass panel phones. What’s more, the glass will not encapsulate the popular fingerprint reader this time. This is not all. The bigger Google Pixel 2 XL version will also feature smaller bezels as compared to the ones that were there in the PIXEL XL original model.

Processor & Memory: Both these much awaited phones from the house of Google are going to incorporate a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB RAM. Based on hearsay, Google Pixel 2 XL or the Taimen phone is expected to be available in a 128 GB internal memory model and Walleye is likely to be available in a 64 GB model. There are speculations that these phones will be available in another memory options too.  Walleye is also expected to incorporate stereo speakers with a superb 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Battery: If rumors are to be believed, both these phones will come in a 3500 mAh and 3500 mAh battery options. This is not all. These phones are expected to be water resistant and IP68 dust resistant.

Price & Availability: In case, you now wish to lay your hands on these bold beauties from the house of Google, you need to wait for a couple of months. The company aims to launch both these Google Pixel 2 phones sometime in September or October. As far as the price estimate for both these much anticipated phones is concerned, one thing is for sure that they will be priced higher than their predecessor - Google Pixel 1. Google Pixel 2 is said to be priced around $679 while the larger Google Pixel 2 XL will be priced somewhere around $799. The hype for the release of these much awaited phones has already lit a spark of anxiety in the users who are waiting with bated breath for the launch.

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