3 days ago

Qwilr has managed to raise $1.5M by Aapt Dubey

Qwiler is currently taking the market by storm by transforming normal business documents into attractive websites. They have basically created a platform for people to replace their PDF proposals, presentations and other static documents into interactive WebPages. This unique service has caught the attention of investors from all around the world as they have currently managed to raise $1.5M to ... Read More

4 days ago

Orbital System has managed to raise £15 Million for NASA Inspired Technology by Aapt Dubey

Efficient access to pure water plays an integral role in the collective development of a society, but even then, many water projects fail due to lack of integration and the excessive use of water and energy. However Orbital systems have solved this dilemma by developing a new purification technology that reduces the amount of water and energy used while taking a shower. This technology has been de ... Read More

17 Apr 2017

Indian Based Doctor has managed to raise over $3M for Booking Platform by Aapt Dubey

An Indian health tech startup company called Lybrate is building the future of health care delivery and is revolutionizing the way patients can seek medical. They have created a seamless pathway through which patients can easily contact doctors that are in their proximity. Lybrate is India’s first mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform, this company has overcome the onerous hu ... Read More

15 Apr 2017

Google has launched its first Machine learning chip by Aapt Dubey

Last year Google had announced at its developer conference that they have currently embarked on a new project of creating its own personalized chips to help expedite the machines capacity in learning different algorithms. It has almost been a year since Google’s intriguing announcement and according to sources Google has finally broken their silence and has started sharing intricate details ... Read More

8 Apr 2017

YouTube TV finally goes Live in five Cities! by Aapt Dubey

Last February social media giant YouTube announced that it is working on a live TV streaming bundle, to give every cable provider a run for their money! Now that time has finally come as YouTube has unveiled its latest project dubbed as the YouTube TV. Currently the YouTube live streaming bundle is only available in five cities including, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and San Franci ... Read More

6 Apr 2017

Robinhood’s Stock Trading App is now valued at $1.3 Billion thanks to raise from DST by Aapt Dubey

The Robinhood trading app is one of the first of its kind and its sole purpose is to democratize financial markets. It allows users to purchase and sell stocks without any commission. The app was hailed by stock market tycoons all around the states as it provided them with a platform to invest in the stock market without any commission costs! On the other hand, many brokerage firms have started ... Read More

5 Apr 2017

Everything you need to Know about the Samsung S8+! by Aapt Dubey

Samsung has just announced the arrival of the Samsung S8+ and people all around the world simply cannot wait to get their hands on this magnificent phone. Currently the Samsung S8+ is not on the market as the booking dates have begun from Wednesday 29th march and the ETA of these phones is after April 20th. This phone has taken the market by storm as many people have claimed that this might the be ... Read More

3 Apr 2017

Move over Apple: The Samsung S8 has finally arrived by Aapt Dubey

Recently Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smart phone, dubbed as the Samsung S8. This phone has revolutionized the design and capabilities by breaking through the confines of smart phone displays, as it has a large immersive screen that provides pure content that is unparallel in comparison. Samsung has combined beauty and performance in seamless fashion to create the S8, which is exactl ... Read More

1 Apr 2017

Apple’s Acquired Work flow by Aapt Dubey

Apparently Apple has a knack of surpassing everyone’s expectations and yet again they have achieved this by their latest acquisition of Workflow. Workflow is an innovative tool that allows users to seamlessly integrate different actions on the IPad and IPhone. This application mimics the customization options that are provided by powerful desktops such as the Mac or Windows and provides end ... Read More

31 Mar 2017

Alteryx has Gone Public! 11% Rise in Data Analytics IPO by Aapt Dubey

For those of you who are new to the data analytics world, Alteryx is one of the most renowned companies in this line of work. They strive to empower end users with a self service data analytics which provides the users with immense insight about the tremendous potential data has. Most companies have exhausted the capabilities of point solutions and have to dedicate an entire team to prepare that d ... Read More

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