10 hours ago

Watch out for Google Pixel 2! by Ruchika Sharma

After impressing everyone with Google Pixel 1, the company is all set to bring forth and expand its Pixel line with its new editions. This time the treat will be double with two devices launching as Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Also referred to as Walleye and Taimen devices, these new extensions to the already popular pixel line of phones will be a dream come true for many Android enthusiasts. The lar ... Read More

11 hours ago

Get ready to burn a hole in your pocket with the soon-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8! by Ruchika Sharma

After basking in the success of Samsung Note 7, Samsung is all geared up to launch its costliest phone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Call it a luxury or a smart phone, but one thing is for sure that this much awaited phone won’t be an easy pick for many due to its expensive price. This high end android phone from Samsung is believed to showcase the company’s all new display and screen technol ... Read More

11 hours ago

Windows 10 S to ease the woes of students and educators by Ruchika Sharma

Don’t limit your fascination with Google’s Chrome OS, as something expected to be better is about to surprise you. Yes, you heard us right! We are indeed talking about the much awaited Windows 10 S! Although, the officials at Microsoft leaked the suspense a month ago on May 2nd, 2017, Windows 10 S, also known as Windows 10 Cloud will be available in the new school year. This strippe ... Read More

11 hours ago

OnePlus accused of using cheat codes yet again with OnePlus 5 to pass the benchmark test by Ruchika Sharma

Earlier this year, it was found that OnePlus 3T was using cheat codes to pass the benchmark tests in order to boost its performance.  Apparently, history seems to be repeating itself! Yes, just a couple of days after the official release of OnePlus 5, accusations of the company using cheat codes to clear the benchmark test have surfaced yet again! As per reports by XDA Developers, OnePlus ... Read More

3 days ago

OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ by Ruchika Sharma

Are you in a dilemma about which of the two phones to buy out of the newly launched OnePlus 5 and already popular Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone? Read on for a detailed comparison between the two phones in terms of specs, features and price. Design: Talking in terms of design, both these phones are stylish and attractive. However; with just 7.2mm thickness and 153grams weight OnePlus 5 is both s ... Read More

3 days ago

All you want to know about the newly launched OnePlus 5! by Ruchika Sharma

The wait is finally over and the much awaited OnePlus 5 with dual camera has been officially launched in the U.S. and other countries. Since, number 4 is considered inauspicious in China, OnePlus surprised everyone by launching the fifth edition instead of the much awaited OnePlus 4 Edition. Boasting of a strong hardware and an appealing spec sheet, this one seems to be a promising phone to give t ... Read More

5 days ago

Top 7 Cameras Of 2016 by Aapt Dubey

2016 has been a great year for the camera industry, as there are so many innovative cameras out there that have completely revamped the camera industry. Since there are so many cameras out there, it is difficult to keep track of the current market trends. However, after carefully analyzing a whole host of cameras, we have compiled a list of the top seven cameras of 2016. 1. Nikon D3300 This ... Read More

18 Jun 2017

Top 4 Security Cameras To Protect Your Home by Aapt Dubey

With a steady rise in crime rates all around the world, it is crucial that we equip our homes with all the tools necessary to safeguard our homes and loved ones. Those days are long gone when a simple bolt or generic camera could ensure your safety, as like everything else in this world even our criminals have evolved and adapted according to the current technology trends. This is exactly why e ... Read More

14 Jun 2017

Top 5 Drones You Should Know About by Aapt Dubey

These days, almost every other household owns a drone. The main reason behind this craze for drone is the exhilarating feeling of flying a device that can record videos, take pictures and annoy people from a distance. People not only use drones for the thrill of controlling such a powerful device but also due to the fact that it has given photographers powers they could only imagine in the past ... Read More

9 Jun 2017

The updates in Apple’s watch and the launch of the Home Pod by Aapt Dubey

Apple introduced a lot of new technologies and innovations in their WWDC for 2017, held a couple of days ago. While the updates related to the MacOS, the iMac and the IOS have caught attention straightaway; other astounding revelations regarding Apple’s watch and the Home Pod haven’t yet garnered the user’s attention. Both, the upgrades on the Apple watch, and the launch of the H ... Read More

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