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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Smartphone specifications leaked! by Ruchika Sharma

Samsung is back in news for its much awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Smartphone model that is expected to launch in June 2018. As the name suggests, this will be an improved version of the soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone that is expected to make its debut in October 2017.  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone will be a completely bezel less concept from the house of Samsung, w ... Read More

2 days ago

Hummingbird Raises 95 million USD investment fund for tech startups by Ruchika Sharma

Hummingbird Ventures, a venture capital firm based out of London and Antwerp, has managed to raise a new investment fund. The fund raised a total of ninety five million USD from a varied group of investors. Hummingbird aims to deploy these assets as late stage seed and series A funding in the tech startup sector. Investment Target Areas The fund invests primarily in Europe, with a few furth ... Read More

2 days ago

NASA’s Asteroid Bound Spacecraft to Slingshot Earth by Ruchika Sharma

The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer, or in short, the OSIRIS-Rex, which was launched last year September from NASA’s Cape Canaveral launch site will slingshot the earth’s south pole, altering its trajectory through space. Why Slingshot? The OSIRIS-REx probe, at the moment, is in orbit around the Earth, and to reach its inten ... Read More

4 days ago

MIT launches Venture Capital Fund - The Engine by Ruchika Sharma

Boston being one of the epicenters of technology innovation globally is like the breeding ground for the next Eureka moment to strike a certain someone which might solve some of the biggest challenges in the business as well as ecological world. Amidst the funding drought that extremely fancy startup ideas called “moonshots” are facing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has d ... Read More

4 days ago

Cuba under mysterious sonic attack? by Ruchika Sharma

People working in the US embassy in Cuba have been, for the past year, reporting the experience of extremely unusual collection of symptoms from vertigo, hearing loss, nausea, concussions etc. as reported by CBS news. The source of this illness is being termed as a mystery, with several rumors and speculation pointing towards a secret sonic weapon being used (existence unknown to the world). As ... Read More

4 days ago

SoftBank to buy five percent stake in ZhongAn IPO by Ruchika Sharma

Mayoshi Son led SoftBank Group has agreed to buy a five percent stake in Chinese internet startup ZhongAn’s IPO. SoftBank seems to be putting its finger into almost every pie these days through their Vision Fund, a one hundred billion USD fund. It has been emptying out its Vision Fund’s warchest in the emerging technologies space and picking up quite a few deals on its way to buil ... Read More

5 days ago

Marquee brands showcase their prowess in OLED technology at IFA 2017 in Berlin by Ruchika Sharma

The humble television set has come a really long way from its early days of a huge big box showing only black and white content to the present day smart TV. It does beg everyone to ask themselves the question - “What's next?”. With a slew of launches at IFA 2017 Berlin, one would be able to take a guess for sure that OLED is where the technology of the television is headed towa ... Read More

5 days ago

Get set to 'beautify' yourself with Xiaomi Mi Note 3 by Ruchika Sharma

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 smartphone is on its way to delight many interested buyers. Speculated to be getting launched in the first month of 2018, this phone is sure to grab eyeballs for its dual cameras.  The most highlighted feature of this upcoming Xiaomi phone is its Adaptable Al Beautify Feature for producing beautiful selfies using separate algorithm for women and men. Design & Displa ... Read More

5 days ago

Huawei Mate 10 Smart Phone with 6-inch Display to be released soon by Ruchika Sharma

Wait for a few more months, if you seriously wish to own a beastly smart phone! Yes, we are talking about the upcoming 6” Display Huawei Mate 10 smart phone. The icing on the cake in this phone besides its mind blowing screen size is its two Dual Cameras fitted at the front as well as rear side. Design & Display: Now, in terms of display size, we have only one thing to say and th ... Read More

19 Sep 2017

Rumor mills on overdrive about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 Smart Phone by Ruchika Sharma

After the hype of Samsung Galaxy S8, we have some inside leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Though nothing has been officially revealed about this much awaited phone, but we have got a handful of interesting specification leaks that will make you go gaga over it! Samsung Galaxy S9 Smart Phone will be a perfect amalgamation of superb RAM, high power processor and long lasting ... Read More

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