2 days ago

New Launched LG W7 OLED TV by Aapt Dubey

LG’s commitment to using OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology is apparent from the 10 models it already has which utilize that technology. Its 2017 Flagship model, the LG W7 OLED TV, is no exception. Let’s see what LG has in store! Specs and Picture Quality It is available in 65 and 77 inch variants and looks to be more promising than last year’s Picture-On-Glass ... Read More

14 Feb 2017

Wait, what? Am I hearing this right? A Lego Cat? by Aapt Dubey

Wait, what? Am I hearing this right? A Lego Cat?” In a word, yes! Apparently, there is not just Frankie, the Lego Cat but 4 other possibilities, including a small tractor, Vernie, a lego humanoid robot standing at 1 foot tall, a colorful guitar and a 3D printer called Autobuild capable of creating its own Lego creations. Talk about self sufficient huh? It’s a new era in the re ... Read More

10 Feb 2017

Ehang Passenger Drone – A Short Review about the First Ever Passenger Drone That Has Been Cleared for Testing by Aapt Dubey

No child would have ever dreamed of achieving a lifestyle akin to that shown in a futuristic cartoon named ‘The Jetsons’. Yet here we are with miraculous advances in robotics and flying cars that have completely changed the way we live and work. The good thing is that it’s just the beginning. Ehang, a Chinese company, launched its first-ever unmanned aerial vehicle at the Consume ... Read More

9 Feb 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Quad copter by techrevel

DJI is a name that is not new to drone and photography enthusiasts everywhere; they have built their reputation as a trustworthy brand when it comes to drones as they have released durable and smart drones that have been of use to many specialties and fields that require the use of a drone. The DJI Mavic Pro is yet another addition to DJI’s portfolio, and it comes with its own set of special ... Read More

7 Feb 2017

Diet Sensor Food Scanner by techrevel

Keeping count on calories or tracking what you eat is a tough ordeal, especially in the society that we live in today that has restaurants around every corner. Although there are many applications and fitness trackers that can help, but it is difficult when you keep eating out. Most applications will provide a generic overview of the different minerals and calories that your daily diet has but non ... Read More

5 Feb 2017

Dell Ultra Sharp UP3218K Display Monitor by techrevel

Want to hear something outrageous? A monitor with an 8K or 7680x4320 pixel display! Dell, a company known for its “just-in-time” inventory system to delight its customers with speedy delivery of quality high-end tech products, unveiled a display monitor that has an 8k display with 33.2 million pixels! What does that mean, exactly? Let’s put it into perspective, shall we? ... Read More

3 Feb 2017

Asus ZenFone AR by techrevel

Asus ZenFone AR gives the users an option to use both AR and VR in a single device for the first time. It is by far the world’s first AR phone, an accolade claimed by the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro “tablet” which had a huge 6.4 inch screen. This may be a good thing, because the Asus ZenFone AR is not hopelessly oversized. It has a ton of sensors and lots of cool features and specs. Fea ... Read More

2 Feb 2017

Anki Cozmo – A Short Review about a Cute Little Toy Robot by techrevel

Do you know that the sales of industrial robots are skyrocketing at a rapid pace globally? But robots are not just used in industries or warfare anymore; they can also be used in your homes as toys! How’s that possible, you might wonder. Anki is a company based in San Francisco that was established in 2010. It specializes in making robots with artificial intelligence that can be used as a to ... Read More

LeEco Smart Bike by techrevel

LeEco has proven yet again that they are probably the most unpredictable company out there, as it is safe to say they have the most versatile line of products. They have video streaming devices, phones, TV, smartcar demo-ing and are now adding smart bikes to this amazing array line of products. Over the years many beta versions of smart bikes have been introduced, all of them failed to make a s ... Read More

27 Jan 2017

Amazon Echo Dot – A Short Review about Your Very Own Voice Assistant by techrevel

Do you remember about Amazon Echo? It was launched in the US in June 2015 and was widely appreciated. Amazon Echo brought to the market a product that no one has ever heard of, a smart voice-enabled wireless speaker. Although the product did what it promised but the design of Echo was not classy as one would expect it to be. It was a long cylindrical shaped speaker that didn't look modern at a ... Read More

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