Must Have Gadgets to have in 2018 by Ruchika Sharma

1.      IPhone X Plus Smartphone Right there on top of the Best Upcoming Gadgets in 2018 is none other than the much talked about and the rumoured iPhone X Plus or iPhone 11 or iPhone 9, as it may be called officially. Although, the craze for the recently launched Apple iPhone X has not settled yet, various rumors about its successor are already coming up. It is going t ... Read More

Windows Sets - A New Tabbed Feature From Microsoft Corporation by Ruchika Sharma

Microsoft Corporation, the Redmond WA based technology firm has just announced a new feature called “Sets” for its Windows platform. This announcement comes at a time wherein Microsoft is running at a high. Microsoft had just a few weeks earlier released its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is being viewed as a positive for the company. Gone are the days of the old Microsoft, ... Read More

What to expect in Apple iPhone 11 or the rumored iPhone X Plus 2018? by Ruchika Sharma

The buzz around the recently launched iPhone X has not yet settled and we have some fresh news brewing up from the house of Apple, Inc. While, not many people who ordered their iPhone X may not have actually received the phone and rumors about its successor are already floating all around on the internet. We are indeed talking about the rumoured iPhone X Plus or iPhone 11, as you may call it. Howe ... Read More

Google Home Starts Support For It's New Multitasking Feature by Aapt Dubey

Google Home, a brand of smart speakers released by Google late in the year 2016 has just been updated by the tech giant to keep itself in step with the competition. The device is Google's own take on Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. The team behind the product has just rolled out a new multitasking feature for its Google Home enabled devices. What this new feature gets to the table is ... Read More

Top 5 Bluetooth Headsets of 2017 by Aapt Dubey

There is no second thought on the fact that smartphone technology is evolving day by day but one main function that remains intact is talking on the phone. However; thanks to the useful Bluetooth Headsets that talking on phone too has become a comfortable experience for many without even using the hands. In fact, the innovative Bluetooth technology has impressed everyone around and therefore the p ... Read More

Top 6 VR Headsets to look forward to in 2018 by Aapt Dubey

The new generation is constantly on the lookout for latest gadgets owing to their penchant for technology. Perhaps this is the reason we have so many virtual reality devices being launched every now and then. With so many companies like Google, Samsung, LG, Oculus and Sony, that have introduced their virtual reality equipments, the task to choose the best may seem complicated. So, here is a list o ... Read More

Top 5 Smart Wearables of 2017 by Ruchika Sharma

The world is going smarter with every fortnight a new smart wearable device launching to woo us. Popular companies like Apple Inc., Huawei, Samsung, Garmin and Fitbit are racing with each other in bringing forth their latest smartwatches in the market of wearable segment. So, here we present you a list of top 5 smart wearables of 2017. 1. Apple Watch 3  The number one position in th ... Read More

Tap Wearable Keyboard – A Device Beyond Imagination by Ruchika Sharma

The world is going wearable with smart wearable devices getting launched every now and then! Now, comes the innovative wearable keyboard, does that sounds strange? Well, yet we are talking about the amazing Tap Wearable Keyboard that can be worn to turn your hand directly into a keyboard. Designed to get rid of the traditional QWERTY keyboard, this innovative tap keyboard from the house of  ... Read More

What’s Good in the New Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset by Ruchika Sharma

Get set for an odyssey in the imagination world with the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset. Designed by the world-class electronic maker, Acer,this smart headset offers an ultimate mixed reality experience to users of all ages. Choosing this headset over other AR and VR headsets from ace manufacturers like HTC andGoogle will not disappoint you, as it allows you ... Read More

4 Dec 2017

Uptake Raises Series D Financing Round - 117 Million USD by Ruchika Sharma

Uptake Technologies, a SaaS startup based out Chicago, Illinois, has just announced the raising of its series D funding. The company raised a sum of 117 million USD from a bunch of venture capitalists at a post money market valuation of 2.3 billion USD. This fresh round of firepower brings the total amount raised since inception to a cool 250 million USD. This latest round of financing was ... Read More

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