18 hours ago

Leesa Sleep launches Sapira, Revolutionizes luxury mattress industry once again by techrevel

In the last couple of years, integration of technology with the mattress industry has really stirred up the business. New series of superior quality mattresses are now being made in various options of foam, customized as per your bed size and delivered directly to the doorsteps. Who doesn’t remember the good old days of shopping for high-end mattresses what with the unbelievably high prices, ... Read More

18 hours ago

Disney and Saban Ventures to invest $15 million in Playbuzz by techrevel

In this age of conversational economy and social media becoming the primary field of brand engagement, fun content has become an absolute serious business. As a testimony to this trend, Playbuzz recently announced that it had bagged $15 million in strategic funding from Saban Ventures and Disney. In March last year, Playbuzz had received $16 million round of funding from 83 North in the lead and o ... Read More

18 hours ago

Maple: Reinventing Lunch Delivery For Work In Manhattan and Beyond by techrevel

It is a widely known phenomenon that most New York professionals do not really have a legitimate lunch break during a work day. Having a full one hour for the much-needed refreshment in middle of the day is still a luxury for most here. It is only appropriate then that this city is now the place with the most number of food delivery enterprises in the world. Services like Seamless, GrubHub and a l ... Read More

18 hours ago

GoldMoney to now store and deal in physical gold at Mint by techrevel

In 2015, GoldMoney (BitGold then) was founded with the objective of making gold based savings secure and accessible to everyone, making gold a currency for everyday payments. Essentially, GoldMoney is the only online financial network that allows users to spend, sell and save in 100% gold instantly. A traditional bank doesn’t allow completer control and ownership of metal based savings and G ... Read More

18 hours ago

GIPHY behind the newest addition to Whatsapp by techrevel

The busiest day of the year for instant messaging and calling app Whatsapp is usually the New Year’s Eve when its global subscribers take to the free chat app to wish each other. Having recently experienced that revelry, Whatsapp announced earlier this week, that it has now enabled a GIPHY powered GIF search function that lets a user add fun, silly and abundantly expressive GIFs in their cha ... Read More

18 hours ago

Mobcrush, the Latest for Gaming Community, Raises $20 Million In Round 2 Investments by techrevel

Mobcrush is just two years old, and the hugely popular live-streaming platform, which wholly focuses on mobile gamers, has raised $20 million in the second round of investments. This takes the total funding of the company to over $35 million. If you are acquainted with Twitch, it’s hard to figure out what Mobcrush has to offer. The company says that its aim is to connect the gamers’ ... Read More

18 hours ago

Reviewing SendinBlue: the new kid on the marketing automation block by techrevel

Team TechRevel team set out to find the most reliable, simplest to use and cost effective marketing platform when we came across SendinBlue. Launched in 2012, SendinBlue has not only email marketing services on offer but also supports SMS campaigns. They are also proficiently helping businesses with what they call” transactional” emails such as password resets, order confirmation, and ... Read More

18 hours ago

Not Just Babes and Booze: Inverse, the Digital Magazine for the Millennials by techrevel

Moving away from the needs that are innate, Inverse, the digital startup launched in mid-August last year is generating what the evolving generation likes to know. The trodden path of stories about what to wear and how to, about women in their best attires, exuberant lifestyles, honeymoon destinations and wines, whiskeys and cocktails and everything most desired is click-bate, but a thing of th ... Read More

18 hours ago

PlayStation VR Headset Review: Amazing Experience That Will Disrupt The Market by techrevel

Let’s get this straight! Virtual Reality devices are a hell lot of fun. But there are three reasons why you probably haven’t bought a VR gaming device just yet. First, there’s not enough content to keep you hooked. Second, the titles currently on the market are more experiential than a well-established next-level technology product. Third and the most important, they are damn exp ... Read More

18 hours ago

Now iPhone users can add Live Photo-to-boomerang on Instagram; wider colors also added for iPhone 7 family by techrevel

Instagram users were in for a surprise yesterday when the co-founder Mike Krieger announced that iPhone 7 Plus users can now add Live Photo to Boomerang and create great GIFs. Not only that, but users can also choose from a wider range of colors on the micro photo blogging platform. Interestingly, the announcement was made via a couple of tweets. Earlier a user had to shoot ‘live photos l ... Read More

18 hours ago

Break The Code! Dating Apps That Swiped-Right In 2016 And How They Can Work For You by techrevel

Unless you were living under a rock in 2016, you know where your best chance of finding a date online lies. Better yet, we’ll give you two: Tinder and Bumble While Tinder is setting up a new internet lingo for online daters, the two-year-old Bumble is catching like wildfire. The year 2016 brought many matches and missed catches for some. While the swipes went left or right, these two a ... Read More

18 hours ago

SpaceX to hopes to launch Soon; explosion investigation ends by techrevel

SpaceX in partnership with space and federal safety agencies including NASA and FAA have put an end to their investigation of an explosion incident that took place in September last year. The incident took place on one of the launch pads at Cape Canaveral during which one of the SpaceX rockets had exploded. The stringent investigation included a detailed analysis of all data recording of that day ... Read More

19 hours ago

Paytm to launch its digital bank by techrevel

Paytm, India’s most popular mobile payments app company, today announced that it had received approval from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for launching its own digital bank. This was a project that the company was pursuing for a long time now. Paytm’s founder & CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma confirmed today that he would be taking up a full-time executive role in this latest venture. Ev ... Read More


The Internet of Things (IOT) by techrevel

What is it? The Internet of Things may sound like the title of a sci-fi movie or book. That’s not too far from the reality the concept represents: a network of physical objects have IP addresses to connect to the Internet, and these objects are able to communicate with each other as well as with Internet-enabled devices and systems. In more technical terms, physical objects like heart mon ... Read More


Cloud Computing by techrevel

Is It Fluffy? The cloud! It’s a term you hear everywhere you go, and you sort of vaguely know what it is, but never well enough to explain it to your dad. So what exactly is this mysterious floating (?) storage space? Well, that’s all it is, really – a storage space. Just online instead of on a physical computer or network. The cloud is really just another word for the Interne ... Read More

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