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Huawei Mate 10 Smart Phone with 6-inch Display to be released soon by Ruchika Sharma

Wait for a few more months, if you seriously wish to own a beastly smart phone! Yes, we are talking about the upcoming 6” Display Huawei Mate 10 smart phone. The icing on the cake in this phone besides its mind blowing screen size is its two Dual Cameras fitted at the front as well as rear side. Design & Display: Now, in terms of display size, we have only one thing to say and th ... Read More


Rumor mills on overdrive about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 Smart Phone by Ruchika Sharma

After the hype of Samsung Galaxy S8, we have some inside leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Though nothing has been officially revealed about this much awaited phone, but we have got a handful of interesting specification leaks that will make you go gaga over it! Samsung Galaxy S9 Smart Phone will be a perfect amalgamation of superb RAM, high power processor and long lasting ... Read More


Nokia 9 Smartphone’s Specifications and Features leaked by Ruchika Sharma

Nokia is back to cast its spell again in the smart phone world. This time around, it is in news for the leaked information about its upcoming Nokia 9 Smart Phone.  Featuring a superb 5.5” QHD OLED Display, this much awaited phone from the house of Nokia will be a power packed combination of 6 GB RAM, Carl Zeiss Camera and superb 3800mAh Battery. By all means, we expect this one to ... Read More


Advertisers allowed to target anti-Semites and Racists by Google and Twitter by Ruchika Sharma

Online advertising moguls Google and Twitter are both following in Facebook's footsteps by getting embroiled in an anti-Semitic advertising controversy which primarily concerns the oversight and moderation of their pervasive web advertising platforms. Facebook had, just a day earlier, started to defend its stance on the same. BuzzFeed News had reported that Google's advertising platfor ... Read More


Experience the Bendable Screen on the New LG G7 Smart Phone by Ruchika Sharma

Just a couple of months ago, LG, launched in flagship phone LG G6 and now it is back in news for  bringing forth another innovation in the form of LG G7 Smart Phone.  The main highlight of this upcoming LG phone is its bendable screen that will be first of its kind in the world of smart phones. All eyes are in fact set on the release of this phone that is expected to be a comeback for ... Read More

4 days ago

Will Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch be able to compete with Apple Watch 3? by Ruchika S

If you thought that the recently launched Apple Watch 3 is going to the rule the smartwatch world alone, then you are mistaken! Next month, the new Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will arrive to give it a tough competition.  In fact, we suggest you wait for its launch to compare it with Apple Watch 3 and buy the one that is best in terms of features and style. This is considered to be the first of ... Read More

4 days ago

What's Next for the Television Tech World by Ruchika S

The humble television set has come a really long way from its early days of a huge big box showing only Black and white content to the present day smart TV. It does beg everyone to ask themselves the question - “What's next?”. With a slew of launches at IFA 2017 Berlin, one would be able to take a guess for sure that OLED is where the technology of the television is headed towar ... Read More

4 days ago

Gross Deficiencies in Equifax Argentina Site by Ruchika S

Last week, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax reported a massive breach in security with reportedly one hundred and forty three million americans being affected. The independent cybersecurity firm working with Equifax to unravel the vulnerabilities that led to the data breach has identified similar loopholes in Equifax’s Argentina website too. Hold Security, a leading independe ... Read More

5 days ago

After iPhone X get ready for Google Pixel 2 Launch on October 4th by Ruchika S

Just a after a couple of days after the glorious launch of three new iPhones, now it’s time to see the much awaited Google Pixel 2 launch on October 4th, 2017.  Considered to be the successor to Google Pixel, this upcoming smartphone has been especially designed to give the users more liberty to stay connected and stay tuned. Not just Google Pixel 2, the company aims to launch Google ... Read More

5 days ago

Huawei G10 Smart Phone with Four Cameras to arrive soon! by Ruchika S

After finding a place in the TENNA listing, our wait for the official launch of the much awaited Huawei G10 smart phone is about to get over on September 22nd, 2017, which has been confirmed as the official launch date of this amazing smart phone.  Wondering, what’s so exciting about this smart phone? Well, the main highlight of this upcoming phone is its four cameras for a delightfu ... Read More

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